Thursday, July 24, 2008

Alex and Jeff - a Hipp Affair

Alex and Jeff came to me two weeks before their wedding, wanting me to do their flowers. They were married in the the Historic Hippodrome State Theatre. Alex choose a non-traditional wedding dress of red, while Jeff wore a chocolate brown suit. For the bouquets, we did a mix of red, peach, and different pink roses, with a touch of peach hypericum.
To accent the Cinema Room they were using for their ceremony, we did two arrangements that sat on columns, and were later moved to help decorate the Art Gallery, where the reception was held.

When I went back Late Saturday afternoon to pick up the items
we had rented them (Votive holders, Peace Lilies, & Columns), I noticed a special personalized touch that they added to their reception...... Private Label Beer bottles. I just could not help snapping a picture of a few of them to add to this posting.

Ceremony: Hippodrome State Theatre
Reception: Hippodrome State Theatre
Photographer: Donna Mitchell
Florist: Us
Caterer: Elegant Events
Cake: A Friend

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