Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bryn & Hossein

I previously featured them before, with pictures I had taken.
Now here are some of their pictures, by Jimmy Ho
Ceremony: Baughman Center
Reception: Sweetwater Branch Inn
Photographer: Jimmy Ho
Florist: Us
Caterer: Sweetwater Branch Inn

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kanapaha Garden Festival

Theresa went to the Spring Garden Festival this past weekend at Kanapaha Botanical Garden . She took this great picture that any "Gator" would love.

Powers Photography

Stewart sent me all these great images that Powers Photography took of Leslie & Dave's wedding. I just couldn't wait to share them with you.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Tina & Aaron

Tina & Aaron were wed, and White, Yellow, & Grey were the colors of the day. Here is the bouquet, which has hydrangea, roses, parrot tulips, anemone, mini calla lily and white feathers.
Ceremony: Baughman Center
Reception: Plantation Hall
Photographer: Rob Witzel
Florist: Us
Caterer: Chef's Brothers
Planner: A'vie

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

VIVA! 2009

Haven Hospice’s bayou bash—ViVA! 2009—returns for a fifth year!
Buy your tickets now…sold out in 2008!

WHAT: ViVA! 2009—A Bayou Bash, featuring music, dancing and other bayou festivities, Cajun cuisine by Harry’s Seafood Bar & Grille, live and silent auctions of vacation adventures, jewelry, a private wine-tasting party and more.

WHEN: 5:30 p.m. Saturday, April 18, 2009.

WHERE: This fifth annual benefit for Haven Hospice returns to the Rembert Farm in Alachua, Florida.

WHO: Reservations and tickets are required. The cost is $125 per guest. For tickets or more information on becoming a sponsor of ViVA! 2009 -- A Bayou Bash on Sat., April 18, contact (352) 271-4662, email klgove@havenhospice.org, or log onto http://www.vivameanslife.org/.

WHY: One hundred percent of the proceeds from ViVA! 2009 support patient care, services and the many programs provided by Haven Hospice that are otherwise unfunded.

About Haven Hospice
Haven Hospice is North Florida’s expert in end-of-life and palliative care and is one of three 2008 Circle of Life Award® winners nationwide to be recognized as leaders in improving the care of patients near the end of life or with life-threatening conditions. Haven Hospice has also been recognized as a Florida Pacesetter for its leadership in promoting living wills. Haven Hospice has served more than 44,000 patients and families since 1979 and has been licensed in Florida as a not-for-profit hospice since 1980. For more information, visit www.havenhospice.org or call 800-727-1889.

Haven Hospice is an affiliate of SantaFe HealthCare, a family of community-based, not-for-profit organizations serving Floridians throughout all phases of life. In addition to Haven Hospice, SantaFe HealthCare also operates AvMed Health Plans, which serves over 240,000 commercial and Medicare members throughout Florida, and SantaFe Senior Living, which operates senior living retirement community in Gainesville, Clearwater and Miami.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Green Hair????

And it isn't even summertime yet. So, it must be St. Patrick's Day. We have been painting Abbey's Hair different colors for a while now. Here she is with Alison & Elena before gymnastics class last Tuesday. The class theme was St. Patrick's Day, and the teacher told them to wear green (thanks Jennifer for the t-shirts & hair color).
Here the girls are, with Alyssa, after their class.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Kasey & Zach

I have never seen the Gainesville Garden Club meeting hall look so pretty. Kasey and her friends put in a lot of work and attention to detail. For the tables they used ivory linens with mirrored squares and candles. We supplied some red petals to add a splash of color. Here is her bouquet, those of her bridesmaids, and kissing balls for the flower girls.
Here is a close up of her bouquet, with a little bling added. Red roses & salal leaves.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

What is 84" wide & 132" Tall?

Our great new rental item. I finally bit the bullet and bought our very own Arbor to rent for events. (Yes Angela, this is the one I have been looking at for 2 years now.)
The inside opening is 6 1/2" wide and 8' tall, and with the extenders I bought it can be 8' wide and 9' tall. It is black and can sit in the grass, or on any flat surface. Terry and I took it out of the packaging today, and set it up in our storage room. Not long after looking at it, I started getting all kinds of great ideas on how to decorate it. (We will have it set up for a few days, if anyone wants to come by and check it out.)
One of the ideas I had was to hang these flower pouches from it. Even though my original idea was to hang the pouches off hooks. I think they would look great hanging from the Arbor.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Regin & Dylan

Regin came in looking for something a little different when it came to her bouquet. While looking thru the albums we have at the shop, she found what she was looking for. An inverted bouquet. Hers, made of dyed blue orchids & brown hypericum, is only the 3rd one I have created.

Here is a close up of an orchid, that was used for a bout.
The bride's attendants carried hydrangea, orchids & hypericum.

Ceremony: Paynes Prairie
Reception: Their Home
Florist: Us

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Our Weekend Off!

One of our activities in Sarasota was Kayaking with Emily & Paul. They go all the time, and it was Abbey's first time, in a boat other than The Jungle Cruise at Disney World. About 15 minutes after this picture was taken, we weren't this dry.

Lucky for us, Abbey was a trooper and had no problem getting back in the boat to continue our journey.

Friday, March 6, 2009

A weekend off....

...well almost. I do have two weddings, but they are getting picked up on Saturday, so Theresa will be holding down the shop. Terry, Abbey & I are heading down to Sarasota to check out where my friends Paul & Emily will be getting married in May. We will be doing some research, and having them pick out their invitations (so I can get them ordered). Abbey will be flower girl, and I will be doing the flowers, and Terry will be doing whatever needs to be done. He just loves when I volunteer him to work.

A few more of Marisa

Rob Witzel provided me with so many great photographs, I just couldn't resist posting some more.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Personalized Runner

Marisa & Joesph had a personalized runner made for their big day.
They used this monogram on many items during the day.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It's Hip to be Square!!

At least it is if you are Marisa & Joe. Marisa ended up having as many items square as possible for her wedding. From the gems on her bouquet, to the kissing square (kissing ball) to the vases. I am not sure if she planned it that way or it just happened.

When Marisa tried to explain the centerpieces to me, she said she wanted square cylinder vases. I cocked my head to the side, with a "what are you talking about" look on my face. She said you know, tall squares vases, like a cylinder. I have never had so much fun laughing with a bride over what something is called. One group of centerpieces are show below. A square mirror, with square votive holders and square (cylinder) vases with floating petals & candles.
I still haven't come up with a good name for these vases, and everytime to talk to a bride about them, a silly little smile comes to my face. Rob, thanks for the pics and to A'vie to for bringing me such a square bride.
Ceremony: Baughman Center
Reception: Sweetwater Branch Inn
Photographer: Rob Witzel
Florist: Us
Caterer: Sweetwater Branch Inn
Cake: Dannette Drageset
Planner: A'vie

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


A group of local high school students delivered another group of Friendly Flowers to patients at North Florida Regional Hospital on Saturday. The group has taken it upon themselves to make flower arrangements to deliver to patients who need a little cheering up. Saturday, Elizabeth, Eryn & Victoria came to the shop to pick up another group of flowers to turn into arrangements of Friendly Flowers. Since I was not busy, I took a few moments to give them some pointers and to let them use our design area. They created 6 arrangements to deliver. Here they are preparing the flowers.
Once a month the group ask the nurses at the hospital, who they believe might benefit from receiving flowers. They then contact me, and I order long lasting flowers for them to arrange. Here they are with some of the arrangements they made on Saturday.

When they deliver the flowers, they attach a paper to explain why the reason they are giving out the flowers. Here is part of what it says....."Friendly flowers was started in memory of Mrs. Laura Carmichael. She devoted her life to performing random acts of kindness throughout Gainesville. She was known as the "clipping lady", always cutting out good news from the paper and mailing the clippings to the families of those mentioned. She brought smiles to everyone she encountered and lived her life fully with kindness, never expecting anything in return."
After their hard work I treated the ladies to a little "Rose Rain". It is something that Terry & Abbey does, with the old roses.

I myself had been touched by Ms. Laura. I received a clipping from her, when I was in college, I still have it. Whenever we received an order to deliver flowers to Ms. Laura, we would haggle over who would get to deliver it, since we knew there would always be a bag of home made peanut brittle waiting to bring back.

Monday, March 2, 2009

New Florist in Town

Abbey invited her friend Shelby over to make a flower arrangement on Saturday, and I do believe we have a new florist (in training) in town.
Here she is with her first flower arrangement.