Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pink Alligator Pad

This is just about the cutest "GATOR" item I have found in a while. It is a stack of 150 sheets of notepaper. The pages can be personalized, and are stored in a clear acrylic holder. There is a special graduate who will be receiving one this weekend.

Friday, April 16, 2010

University of Florida Graduation Spring 2010

With Spring 2010 Graduation from the University of Florida just around the corner, we wanted to highlight a few items we offer. Of course we can do Orange & Blue Arrangements, here are some of our specialties....
The Later Gator Balloon, is a recent find, he is 47" tall. Use him alone or add him to a group of our other balloons to create a balloon bouquet.

CONGRADS to the class of 2010!!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

What we do for our brides!!

As a florist we will do as much or as little our brides need us to do to achieve their dream wedding. When Abigail, one of our brides this weekend, said she would provide a few turkey feathers for the arrangement to sit next to the grooms cake, we said no problem. We figured she would bring a few that she had sitting at home or that she had bought at the store. Well, what we received was a little fresher than that......... I thought it was strange that we were told to keep them in the cooler.

Yesterday we were delivered 3 wings & 2 tail section of some freshly shot Turkeys. I called Abigail's mom and asked her what she expected me to do with the parts I had received. She told they had sent the whole pieces to me, so that I could pick what I wanted to use. Now, I do have a little country upbringing, but not that much. Luckily our Flowers Central delivery driver Jim, is well experienced. He helped me pluck the feathers.
Here I thought I'd model a potential feather hair piece.
So moral of the story is....... get even better clarification from brides when they want to provide something for their wedding.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Daisy: April Flower of the Month

There are many types of daisies. Gerbera Daisies are fun, energetic flowers. They look like one large flower, but in truth each petal is an individual flower. They can be found in shades & combinations of red, white, orange, yellow & pink. Here are some orange we used for a wedding. These are spider gerberas.

There are also Chrysanthemum Daisies also called daisy mums.

Of course here are my favorite Daisies......