Thursday, November 20, 2008

Catherine & Pro's Kake

I couldn't resist putting up a few more pictures from Catherine & Pro's wedding. Kathy at KB Kake Kreations made this fabulous & yummy cake that Dove Photography captured.

A closeup of the topper. What great flower placement by KB Kakes. They filled in between the layers with flowers we provided, so that they are a perfect match to the flowers used the rest of the day.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Catherine & Pro

Catherine & Pro were married on a gorgeous January day. I thought I would share with you the fabulous pictures that Dove Photography provided me of the day. Colors were important to Catherine, not specific flowers. She gave me the freedom to create beautiful flowers for her, as long as they were the right color. After meeting with her and Jessica at A'vie, and finding out the colors, and the contemporary - tropical feel she wanted to create I come up with some great ideas for her. Her bouquet was made of blue hydrangea, brown hypericum berries, white roses, trachelium, and green cymbidium orchids. Here you will see her surrounded by all the bouquets, hers and the bridemaids.
For the guy's bout we used green dendrobium orchids, with blue delphenium, and a lttle beading to pull all the colors together.
We did a few different styles of centerpieces, and I think this picture of one of the designs is great. It is a large cylinder vase, with curly willow & floating cymbidium orchids.

Thanks Christine at Dove Photography for providing me wih some great images.

Ceremony: United Church of Gainesville
Reception: Best Western Gateway Grand
Photographer: Dove Photography
Florist: Us
Caterer: Best Western Gateway Grand
Cake: KB Kakes

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

HUGE YARD SALE - Saturday 8-2

So, we have done some more cleaning out of our storage area, and have found some great items that need good homes. Stop by Saturday, November 22 from 8am - 2 pm for some great deals. There are boxes of Christmas ornaments to help decorate your trees or give as a gift. Prices starting at $.50 each.

Celebrations Catering Opens a New Restaurant!

Leah at Celebrations invited us over to the Grand Opening of Cafe C on Friday the 14. Since they are pretty much across the street from us (424 NW 8th Avenue), we said yes we would love to attend. I thought it would be nice to send over a little something to add to their festivities. Thinking about the green bubbles that Celebrations has on their deliver vehicles, I called Larry - my flower guy, and ordered some Billy Balls. Billy balls are yellow ball flowers, on a stem. When the flowers got here, I still hadn't decided how I would use them. Then inspiration struck, thinking about the colors that they use in the new building, I decided to spray the billy balls assorted colors of purple, red, & hot pink. Here is what I came up with.

I knew I had made the right decision, when I walked out of the shop to deliver the arrangement, and I looked over toward Cafe C to see colorful paper lanterns & linens hanging up under the tent in the back parking lot. It was as if I was a Fly on the wall when Leah was making her decorating plans for the grand opening.

Thank you for inviting us. The atmosphere was great, and the food was even better. I just wish I hadn't needed to go to the Gym after, and could have eaten more. I loved the door prizes. They placed a sticker on the bottom of some of the dishes served. If you got a dot you could turn your plate in for a prize. I won a Cafe C T-shirt and lunch for 2. I am very excited about both.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Sarena & Basil

Sarena & Basil were wed over the weekend at Kanapaha Botanical Gardens, with Jack Edmonds proceeding over the ceremony. The bridesmaids wore a lovely light shade of blue, which were a perfect match for the light blue delphinium we used in the bouquets. Sarena's bouquet was made of ivory rose, blue delphinium, green button mums, green carnations white alstromeria & brown hypericum berries. The bouquet was hand tied and a larger version than the bridesmaids.

I can't wait to see the pictures that J.S. Photography took of the day.

Ceremony & Reception: Kanapaha Botanical Garden
Photographer: J.S. Photography
Florist: Us

Monday, November 10, 2008

Maris & T.J.

Maris & T.J. are about to celebrate their 2ND wedding anniversary and I thought I'd share her bouquet with you. She stopped in the other day, and was walking around looking at our new location, when suddenly she realized that a picture of her bouquet was hanging on the wall. She took it down and excitedly showed the friend she was with. I asked her how she realized that it was her. She said she was looking at it, and thought it was pretty, and then noticed the bracelet.

Good Luck to them as they are expecting a baby soon. Thanks to Powers Photography for supplying the photo for me to share.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Tina and Dan, Part Two

Okay, so there were so many good pictures by Powers Photography, and I just have to add a few more. Here is a close-up of Tina's bouquet.
This is a great view of the stems on a hand tied, ribbon wrapped bouquet. There is the added detail the bride attached to personalize her bouquet
This is by far, my favorite picture. I love it. The night of the wedding, when I went to pick up all of the rental items, the Powers had a computer up and running showing some of the pictures they had taken that day. A great teaser for all to see some of the images, I know I stood there and watched the slide show, and fell in love with this one. I think a large copy hanging up in the store would look great (HINT, HINT).

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Tina & Dan

Powers Photography supplied me with these wonderful images of Tina and Dan's March wedding. I have been waiting for these images (it took me a while to figure out what I wanted), instead of using mine, because I knew I could not do the flowers justice. Most of the pictures on this blog are ones I have taken, but you can so tell the difference when a pro takes them.
Tina's bouquet of made of hydrangeas, stephanotis, brown hypericum and green cymbidium orchids.
Dan's bout was a green cymbidium orchid with green hypericum berries.
FYI: Hypericum berries are St. John's wort. Many a groom has joked about popping a few berries in their mouth during the ceremony.
Don't you love how the bouquets just pop in front of the chocolate dresses. I am in love with that lime green color.
Here is the magnificent cake by KB Kake Kreations. You will notice the palm tree in the background. We rent those and other plants to help cover up unsightly areas, or to make you location a little warmer.

Ceremony: Baughman Center
Reception: Thomas Center
Photographer: Powers Photography
Florist: Us
Caterer: Chef's Brothers
Cake: KB Kake Kreations

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Martina & Ryan

Martina and Ryan were wed on October 18Th. Fall was in the air and the colors of the day were Red, Orange & Chocolate. Marina wanted a lot of texture in her bouquet. I used mini calla, roses, hypericum berries, pin-cushion protea, hanging amaranthus & some copper wire. To add more copper, I sprayed yarrow with a copper paint made for flowers. Martina had seen a bouquet (Emily's) I made last year, and wanted something similar, but different. Martina's bouquet is on the top, and Emily's bouquet is on the bottom. Emily's bouquet is made of pink mink protea, roses, cymbidium orchids, mini calla, green amaranthus & curly willow. Both of these brides knew what colors they wanted, and that they wanted lots of texture, but they left it up to me to decide what flowers to use. It makes it fun for me to come up with new combinations of flowers. Thanks ladies for letting me be creative.

I am very excited to see the picture that k Gallery took, and will share them with you. k Gallery also photographed Emily's wedding, and A'vie was her planner as well.

Ceremony: Plantation Hall
Reception: Plantation Hall
Photographer: k Gallery
Florist: Us
Caterer: Celebrations
Cake: Danette
Planner: A'vie