Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Em & Paul's Day

First I thought I would share a shot of Em helping me make some of her flowers. She along with Teri, Mike, Sarah, my mom & my dad put together all of her flowers.

Here she is with her Uncle Matt on rehearsal day. (Don't you love the practice bouquet I put together for her.)
Here they are walking down the steps toward Paul.

Here is everyone standing under the arbor during the ceremony. Can you tell that Abbey has heard enough? Last time she was a flower girl she sat down during the ceremony, before joining me in a pew. This time she stayed up there, but she played with everything.....Em's dress, her kissing ball, and the flowers on the arbor. At one time she flung the kissing ball over she shoulder. I guess we were lucky it stayed together so nicely.
Not a cloud in the sky. What a perfect day for a perfect couple.
Paul sported a bout of stephanotis. Emily carried a bouquet of stephanotis, roses, spray roses, antique green hydrangea, hypericum berries with a few salal leaves. The stems were wrapped in antique white ribbon, and pinned with an antique brooch we picked up one weekend.

Ceremony & Reception: Phillippi Estate Park
Photographer: Dawn McKinstry
Florist: Us
Caterer: Michael's on East
Cake: Aunt Laura, with a favorite family recipe


Elaine said...

Aw, Emily was a beautiful bride!

Dawn McKinstry said...

The flowers were gorgeous (and still are as one of the centerpieces sits on my table, I might add) and Abbey was adorable! Emily is so lucky to have you as a friend.