Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Cedar Key Wedding

Dawn & Bill's ceremony was held in Cedar Key, Florida in November 2007. They chose the combination of white, blue & brown for their bridal colors. Hydrangea, delphinium & hypericum were the flowers of choice for the day. We used seeded eucalyptus for the greenery.
Photographer: Mary Beth Tyson Photography
Florist: The Plant Shoppe Florist
Cake: Publix

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Dawn McKinstry said...

I loved my flowers! They smelled so wonderful too. The eucalyptus was a nice surprise since I told Besty "Umm... I like hydrangeas, and my colors are blue and brown..." and that was about all the direction she got out of me. My flowers weren't something I'd thought too much about. But Betsy did such an amazing job. I loved everything she made for us and everything we rented from her (curly willow, metal flower buckets, and a candle screen as decoration behind the cake).