Thursday, December 10, 2009

Extreme Makeover Home Edition-Design Meeting

We arrived at the site, and sent to the VIP tent, which was decorated by Keith Watson Productions. While waiting we ran into one of my 2007 Brides, Alison. Alison, pregnant with twins was there the volunteer, and will be there a few more times. We eventually made our way over to the design production trailer, where we meet Lisa Marie, Corey, Eva & designer Eduardo Xol.
The meeting was fast & furious.....we were shown the room designs, themes & colors. It was a lot to take in, in just a few moments. I asked to go over everything one more time. As we walked away from the trailer I asked.......
What have I gotten myself into?????
That is the question I seem to ask myself alot lately. It was a little overwhelming for Theresa & I. Usually after meeting a bride & discussing wedding flowers, I mull over the notes for a few days & then come up with ideas. Well in this case I only had hours to come up with ideas and flower choices. I turned in my flower order around midnight last night, and today I am going to collect vases and get everything organized. We are scheduled to deliver the flowers Monday around 1pm. To keep updated check out Ark Remodeling & Construction's site: Extreme Makeover Home Edition: Gainesville.

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