Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Teleflora Superbowl Commercial

We are a Teleflora Florist. Thought this commercial was too good to pass up, so we thought we'd share.

Teleflora Superbowl Commercial

One of our flower suppliers did a mini experiment last year and ordered some "boxed" flowers to compare them to ones they provide. This is what they had to say......
I thought you might be interested in hearing about a dozen roses we ordered. The order was for one dozen roses and Godiva chocolates and cost $49.99. It as delivered by UPS at about 3:30 on Valentines Day, as promised. The roses were packed well, but only 30 cm. in length, which is 12 inches. They barley came over the top of the vase. There was a little botrytis (Yucky disease) on the petals which spread to other roses after two days. The chocolates were in a large package, but the size box of candy was very disappointing. Overall, we felt that a customer could get a much better deal from a local florist than from the online source.

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Clint said...

Glad you like the Teleflora ad! We're hoping it helps all those buying Valentine's Day flowers this week to understand the Teleflora Difference.

As you know, it is so pleasant to receive fresh flowers arranged and delivered by a local Teleflora florist -- as opposed to the often unsettling experience of receiving flowers in a box.

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