Friday, November 5, 2010

The Florida Goal-Liner Fashion Show 2010, Part II: Fashion

Hopefully you enjoyed the decor photos from the fashion show! Were you able to guess who the the show's special model was?

The one and only.... ABBEY! Here is Abbey looking oh so cute in Gator fashion courtesy of Miracles Maternity Boutique. And... of course, with each fashion show, you must have...

an outfit change! Here's Abbey in another cute Gator outfit.

Other special guests at the show included both Alberta, and the First Lady of Gator Football herself, Shelley Meyer!!

Remember, you can find out more about the Florida Goal-Liners by clicking here
Go Gators!

Location: The Atrium
Florist: The Plant Shoppe
Fashion: Miracles Maternity Boutique

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