Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Baby Boy!

The last few days we have had quite a few orders for baby arrangements. I thought I'd share a few with you. The first has a before and after. A florist called up and wanted us to send The Crystal Baby Block from Teleflora. However, they didn't want it to look anything like the picture in the Teleflora book. Their customer wanted a little orange and blue, because the proud parents are GATORS. But they also wanted pink spray roses (always a nice touch to do something for mom, since the baby doesn't know where it's fingers are, mush less the fact that there are flowers around). Well, we didn't have any pink spray roses, but I came up with an idea for the florist to give the sender.
Here is the empty container. It spells out BABY as you turn the sides. Always a nice gift, as it is made of crystal, and can be used in the nursery.

The concept I came up with, was Orange, Blue & White, with an extra special gift added. A pair of Gator Baby Booties. The sender thought it was a great idea. So here is what we sent.....

The Gator Baby Booties are dear to me, as Terry brought a pair to me in the hospital when Abbey was born. In true Terry style he proudly announce that he had shoplifted them, much to the astonishment of the nursing staff in the room. I then had to explain that he had "stolen" them from my store, so it was not really shoplifting.

Another arrangement I did was also for a baby boy. This one is in a blue ceramic container, which can also be used in the nursery. I used dark blue Delphinium, green Carnations, yellow Daisies, with a touch of Caspia.

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