Thursday, January 29, 2009

Solutions, Fashion Show

Abbey was asked to take part in the fashion show, which she was happy to do. Here she is, not looking anything like herself. The ladies at Graceful Strands gave Abbey an updo, and a little makeup was applied. She prance around the rest of the day, with her hair up, wearing sparkly shoes Aunt Susie had sent from Japan.

A big thanks goes out to Lauren. She was chosen to walk with Abbey on the catwalk. Here they are hanging out before the show started. So cute, blowing kisses at the camera.

Some of the Solutions models used our bouquets during the fashion show. Abbey is posing, with the one she carried. It is made of Roses and Hypericum, with some liriope loops.

Tali, thanks for letting Abbey take part in the Fashion show. She wouldn't take her hair down, until she show everyone at school, the next day. Too funny, since we can hardly get her to leave her hair in a ponytail for gymnastics class.

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