Saturday, February 21, 2009

Leslie & Dave, before the wedding

Leslie and Dave are getting married tomorrow. I first meet Leslie and her friend Shonta, back in August, when we sat down for our first flower meeting, and it seems like they just can't get rid of me. We have turned into friends, which is nice for me, as it seems that Terry runs most of my friends out of town.
For this wedding, I decided to document some of the steps I would not normally photograph. Here are the flowers, shortly after they arrived from our supplier (thanks Larry & Enrico). I invite the brides to come and look over their flowers, but many get too busy with final details. It doesn't look like much, but there are over 400 roses in this picture. Here are the flowers once arranged, and ready for delivery. There are 16 centerpieces, 2 altar pieces, cake flowers and 6 bouquets for the bride & bridesmaids to hold. The corsages & bouts are in the cooler, staying chilled, until delivery.
Leslie's bouquet is made of Freedom roses, which is a newer variety of red roses. There are a few crystals placed amongst the roses to match the antique bracelet wrapped around the stems. Shonta & I helped her find the bracelet on her bachelorette weekend when we went to Savannah. Her bouquet is surrounded by her bridesmaids, which are made of Freedom & Circus roses, mixed with brown hypericum and a little Salal leaf. To tease Leslie, I sent her a picture of some of her flowers from my cellphone. Thank you for including Terry & I on your special day. I will try to keep him on his best behaviour (oh who am I kidding? It would be easier to leave him at home.). I has been great getting to know Leslie, Dave and all of their friends. More pictures will be posted, after we are done celebrating.

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Shonta Bertzyk said...

OMG is all I can say. oh and SWEET ACTION! You have a gift!
All our Love,