Sunday, February 15, 2009

We Survived!!! Barely!

Okay, we made it through another Valentine's Day. With it being on a Saturday, we didn't know what to expect. Instead of one really busy day, I think we were busy the entire week. The wife of our delivery driver was due to give birth on the 11th, and my husband came down with the FLU. To not catch the FLU, I slept with Abbey on her trundle bed. My back decided that was a bad idea. My mom wanted to know why I hadn't slept in the guest room. I told her, because I thought it would only be one night, but there was no way I was going to be able to survive the week, if I got sick. A few early mornings and late nights, plus a month worth of planning payed off.
Along with the normal valentine wishes, here are some of the card messages we wrote on cards this week:
If these aren't the only flowers you get, I want a refund.
Please got out to dinner with me tonight....PS I am really drunk right now. (Ordered at 3:30 AM Saturday morning).
Will you marry me?
All in all I think it went well. Thanks to Theresa, Dave, Holiday, my mom & dad, Terry & Abbey, and all of our suppliers for helping to make it happen.

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Krystal Radlinski said...

The messages are hilarious! Now you guys can sit down and get drunk too.