Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Em & Paul's Coed Wedding Shower

The day is almost here. Emily & Paul are finally getting hitched. We went down to Sarasota a few weeks for their wedding shower. I was asked to provide some flowers. Em is a dear friend, and we have been through a lot together, and like all my brides I want to make sure she loves her flowers. So, I took it as an opportunity to make some sample centerpieces. Here is what I created. Her colors are assorted pinks & greens. This is the "taller" version.

Here is the "shorter" version. The only directions I have been given, is that she wants the vases to have a pedestal bottom. Having free reign over flower selection is sometimes harder, but usually well worth it.
The shower had a theme...donations to The Humane Society. There were many creative gifts give, as well as some great monetary donations.
I made had a little fun for the last arrangement, something to go with the theme of the shower.


Emily said...

We loved the flowers and are so lucky to have you as a friend. Your guidance has been so helpful. We're STILL getting compliments about our invites. Wait until people see the programs we got from you!

Dawn McKinstry said...

Betsy - Emily and Paul's invitations really are gorgeous. I really should have had you do my invites instead of printing my own for my wedding. Sigh.

I can't wait to see their flowers next weekend!

Elaine said...

Congrats to Emily and Paul!!!!

I love the doggie flowers!

Leslie said...

Tristen LOVES the kitty! It's too cute!