Thursday, May 28, 2009

Heading out of town.

Well the day is finally here, we are heading down to Sarasota for Emily & Paul's wedding. I am very excited about getting to spend time with my friends & family. It will be hard work, but well worth it. We are planning on doing some landscaping, and of course the flowers for the wedding. We have been talking about landscaping the front of their house for a couple of years now. My mom & dad are bringing up the plants from Homestead and friends are going to help plant. Here is a before picture.

Not much there, but wait until you see the after picture. The hard part will be for Emily & Paul to keep it watered and looking nice.

Landscaping you ask????? I didn't know you did landscaping. I grew up in the foliage business. My parents have a plant nursery in Homestead. My undergraduate degree from The University of Florida is in Environmental Horticulture with a Masters degree in Environmental Horticulture Marketing & Management, so even though wedding flowers are my passion, my roots (get it) are with plants. So this weekend I get to do both, as well as take a few extra days to play with Abbey at the beach.

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