Monday, May 2, 2011

A Bouquet Fit For a Future Queen

It's no secret that the fairytale wedding happened last Friday. While I was very excited to see the dress... which turned out to be everything I was hoping, there was something else I was interested in. You guessed it, the bouquet.

Each one of her flowers had a beautiful symbolic representation. The bouquet was made up of lily of the valley, Sweet William flowers, hyacinths, ivy and myrtle. Lily of the valley represents the return of happiness, while Sweet Williams represent gallantry. Hyacinths symbolize consistency of love and ivy stands for fidelity, marriage, friendship and affection. Finally, the most symbolic for Royals was the myrtle. The specific myrtle in her bouquet was from the same bush that Queen Victoria planted in 1845. Queen Elizabeth even used it in her bouquet in 1947! Now that's some symbolic and classy history! Did Princess Catherine start a trend in wedding bouquets for the next few months? Only time will tell...

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kb said...

Thank you for sharing the history behind the bouquet. I loved it!