Tuesday, March 3, 2009


A group of local high school students delivered another group of Friendly Flowers to patients at North Florida Regional Hospital on Saturday. The group has taken it upon themselves to make flower arrangements to deliver to patients who need a little cheering up. Saturday, Elizabeth, Eryn & Victoria came to the shop to pick up another group of flowers to turn into arrangements of Friendly Flowers. Since I was not busy, I took a few moments to give them some pointers and to let them use our design area. They created 6 arrangements to deliver. Here they are preparing the flowers.
Once a month the group ask the nurses at the hospital, who they believe might benefit from receiving flowers. They then contact me, and I order long lasting flowers for them to arrange. Here they are with some of the arrangements they made on Saturday.

When they deliver the flowers, they attach a paper to explain why the reason they are giving out the flowers. Here is part of what it says....."Friendly flowers was started in memory of Mrs. Laura Carmichael. She devoted her life to performing random acts of kindness throughout Gainesville. She was known as the "clipping lady", always cutting out good news from the paper and mailing the clippings to the families of those mentioned. She brought smiles to everyone she encountered and lived her life fully with kindness, never expecting anything in return."
After their hard work I treated the ladies to a little "Rose Rain". It is something that Terry & Abbey does, with the old roses.

I myself had been touched by Ms. Laura. I received a clipping from her, when I was in college, I still have it. Whenever we received an order to deliver flowers to Ms. Laura, we would haggle over who would get to deliver it, since we knew there would always be a bag of home made peanut brittle waiting to bring back.

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