Thursday, August 6, 2009

Have you ever been towed????

You come outside and your car is no longer where you left it. Only to realize you were towed. Many people think it stinks to be towed. Working with a local towing company, we dropped off coupons to hopefully make it a little less of a horrible experience. When you pick up you car, you get a coupon for a free rose that can be picked up at the shop. One gentleman had taken his date to The Hippodrome, only to come out and find his car was towed....not the best thing to happen on a date. When he picked up his car, he got the coupon, and it put a little smile on his face. He stopped by the next day to pick up his rose. Since he was the first to take advantage of the coupon, I asked him what he thought of the coupon. He loved it, and even asked to keep the coupon to be able to show his date when he handed her the rose.

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Becky said...

Betsy, I LOVE that idea, and I'm so glad somebody took you up on it - that must've made their day!