Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tampa Bay Rays

So, with Abbey gone for a week to Grandma's house, Terry & I finally went & did something fun, the night before she came back. Emily & Paul invited us to a Tampa Bay Rays baseball game (The Rays won). On Saturday they were having college game day. They invited alumni from various college to go to the game as a group. So we went to represent The University of Florida. This collage is for Emily. She loved the idea you could report unruly fans with a text message.

Here is Paul & Terry when they found out we were going to stay for the B-52's concert after the ballgame.My hero of the game....the cotton candy man. After many attempts to get to stop one, Emily finally got this guy's attention from 2 sections over. Ever have green apple cotton candy, me neither, until Saturday night.

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