Friday, October 16, 2009

Tacachale Recycling

We use Tacachale Recycling to recycle our cardboard boxes. It is a free service for us, and gives residents of Tacachale an occupation. Tacachale is a facility run by The State of Florida Agency for Persons with Disabilities.
I found this information on The Tacachale Fact Sheet.
Tacachale - We are the oldest and largest of Florida's residential centers and opened in 1921. Our unusual name was chosen in 1990 at a time many new changes were being implemented. It is a Timucuan Indian word for a ceremony marking a new start and means "to light a new fire." Currently 468 adult men and women with developmental disabilities live here in 35 different large homes, housing from 8 to 16 people.

By using their service we are helping both the community & the environment. Jeffrey came by this week to pick up boxes and had to show off the new graphics on the pickup van, so I thought I would share them with you.

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John Willis said...

Do you happen to have contact information to get started with the service? I have 3 pallets of flattened cardboard that need a good home rather than the county landfill.