Monday, March 28, 2011

Personalized Stamps--The Perfect Gift for Brides

It's no secret that we are in the midst of wedding season. If you drive by Gainesville wedding venues, you will probably find a wedding. With my own wedding only two and a half months to go, I know that soon I will be writing thank you notes to guests for shower gifts, wedding gifts, vendors, pretty much to everyone I know. Which got me to thinking.... I need one of these:

What is that you might ask? It's a PSA Personalized address stamp: the perfect gift for any bride to be. I can't imagine having to write my address on every single envelope I have to send--that just seems like too much work! And, I don't want an ugly address label either! These stamps are perfect--they even have collegiate versions, monograms, you name it. The stamp looks like this: and it's small and compact... and perfect for your home office and can definitely be used after your wedding. This little stamp can even be used to create personalized stationary too. See... it really is the perfect gift! And, if any of my friends are reading this... hint hint ;) For more information, pricing, designs and more, check out The Plant Shoppe's website.

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