Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wedding Invites: An Easy Decision

Hello world! As most of you know, my name is Whitney and I'm actually one of Betsy's brides (June 11--95 days to go to be exact...but really who's counting?!?!). While I usually don't write blogs about my own wedding planning, this blog is dedicated to (thanks to Betsy) the easiest wedding decision I had to make... picking out my invitations.

When I first met with Betsy during my flower meeting, she mentioned she also did invitations--can you say one-stop shopping? I was instantly sold... plus, if you order your flowers through The Plant Shoppe you can get your invitations 20% off (I'm also a self proclaimed coupon or discount addict). I knew I found the jackpot.

I'm here to tell you that ordering invites through The Plant Shoppe is the easiest thing EVER. First, you start off by visiting our website by clicking here or coming into the shop and taking a look at our invitation books. Our invitations vary by style, price, color... you name it, there's something for everyone. Here's me looking through the books and picking out my invites:

After I found my dream invites (which just happen to be pictured above), Betsy and I talked details--what I wanted it to say, the fonts, addresses, etc. literally... so easy! I opted for an additional invite service that includes the company printing the inside and outside envelopes for you. That's right, my invites came PRINTED with the names and addresses on the outside envelopes, return addresses, you name it the works! About a week and a half later... my invites came (and yes, I drove as fast I possible could to the shop to get them).

Aren't they gorgeous?!? I'm seriously in love with how beautiful they turned out!

So future brides and brides to be... there you have it. Let The Plant Shoppe help you do some one stop shopping with flowers AND invites! Take it from me, it will be the easiest decision you'll have to make during your entire wedding planning process :)

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